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,  in Seychelles Islands

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    A licensed tourist guide from Grand-Anse La Digue Seychelles
    Grand Anse to Anse Marron & Anse Source d'Argent, Nid d'Aigle to Anse Coco via Grand Anse
    Grand Anse to Anse Coco & Anse Caïman, Nid d'Aigle, Anse Coco to Anse Marron
    Full day trips from 9am-3 in the afternoon in groups and also private tours on clients’ request
    Advisable to wear comfortable shoes, food is included

About Us

With Paradise Tours and Henry Bibi, a licensed tourist guide from Grand-Anse La Digue, discover and enjoy the beauty of La-Digue which is indeed a true paradise!


Follow me on the La Digue walks & trails such as the one leading from Anse Source D’argent to Grand Anse via Anse Marrons; Grand Anse to Anse Coco via Petit Anse and Anse Caiman to Anse Fourmi;

Belle vue to Nid Aigle descending to Anse Coco; Belle Vue to Nid Aigle, descending to the port and Sunset at Roche Be via Nid Aigle, where each excursion includes a fruit lunch and provides unique opportunities for discovering precious medicinal plants, bird watching and enjoying stunning panoramas.

Also, there is La Vev La Digue Reserve, where is to be found one of the world’s rarest birds, the Black Paradise Flycatcher, which can only be seen in Seychelles, along with two hyper-rare species of terrapin.